VAR Hits A New Low: Juventus-Salernitana Game Ends With Referee Nightmare

In what looked to be an unassuming clash between Italian giant Juventus and newly promoted Salernitana, VAR got all the headlines for all the wrong reasons. A 2-2 draw saw both sides take a point away from the match, but the Turin-based club will feel hard done after new images came out revealing the officiating crew made an appalling mistake, costing Juve two points.

Is This A Great Call Or A Terrible Call? Both Answers Are Correct

The new "semi-automated offside technology" that's going to be used at the 2022 World Cup made its Champions League debut this week, and guess what, controversy and existential questions regarding humankind's dwindling agency in its own game — at the hands of the robots! — reigned supreme.

Soccer POV: FC Cologne Players Wear Bodycams In Friendly Against AC Milan

AC Milan defeated FC Cologne 2-1 in a preseason friendly yesterday. The game was fine and I imagine both coaches drew significant conclusions for the upcoming campaign, but what really blew people's minds was the absurd amount of technology used during the broadcast.

Part of the Telekom Cup, the match was billed as "The Innovation Game" due to all the gadgets used on the field, including unique cleat soles used to track player movements, some mic'd up ballers, and — for the first time — bodycams attached to two Cologne stars and the refs. 

Just How Hot Is Qatar? Hot But Not Sweltering Temps Will Be The Norm At World Cup

Scorching temperatures are one of the many reasons Qatar is the most controversial World Cup host of all time. During June and July, the months in which the World Cup is traditionally held, temperatures in the Arab nation peak around 120 degrees Fahrenheit, a temperature at which, unsurprisingly, it is simply unsafe to play a 90+ minute soccer match.

FIFA Approves New Semi-Automated Offside Technology For 2022 World Cup

After using the 2018 World Cup to introduce VAR to the world, FIFA announced it will implement offside technology at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. 

The 2022-23 Premier League Ball Is A Celebration Of The League’s History

We officially have the design for the 2022-23 Premier League ball. Nike on Thursday released its latest version of the Nike Flight ball, which will be put in use for the upcoming season. The design is a throwback to the league's inaugural year in 1992, and it looks sleek

All 2026 World Cup Stadiums In U.S., Mexico And Canada

From Mexico City to Vancouver, Los Angeles to New York, the men’s 2026 World Cup co-hosted by the United States, Mexico and Canada will be one of the greatest spectacles in the history of sport. It’s never too early to start looking ahead to the next World Cup, especially when it will be held in our backyard. Here’s a preview of all 2026 World Cup stadiums.

Con Laptop En Mano, Miguel Herrera Le Hace VAR Al VAR Tras Derrota De Tigres

Necaxa dio uno de los grandes golpes de la Jornada 15 de la Liga MX al derribar a Tigres, uno de los líderes del torneo, en el Estadio Victoria.

El triunfo 2-0 de los Rayos, como uno podrá imaginar, no tenía muy contento al DT felino, Miguel Herrera, quien ventiló todas sus frustraciones en la conferencia de prensa. El enojo particular del Piojo se centró en el primer gol del Necaxa, el cual – según él – debió ser anulado por el VAR ante una supuesta posición fuera de juego del delantero hidrocálido Rodrigo Aguirre.

Adidas Drops Predator Edge Cleats Embellished With Thousands Of Crystals

A collaboration between adidas and Austrian crystal glass and jewelry producer Swarovski has yielded one of the most striking soccer cleats we've ever laid eyes on — the limited edition adidas Predator Edge Crystal.