A Data-Driven FPL Journey With Grantchester United — Teaching A Computer To Fill Out My Fantasy Team

Fantasy Premier League is kind of a big deal here at The18. Friendships are strained over trash talk and sometimes it seems like people put more effort into perfecting each week’s lineup than their day-to-day duties. 

When I joined The18 this year I had plenty of soccer knowledge but knew nothing about the arbitrary rules of Fantasy Premier League. But I had an idea: using the latest in data science and machine learning to derive the best possible fantasy team to conquer The18’s FPL league.

This Has To Be The Fastest VAR Review Of All Time

Last night’s 1-1 draw between Portland and San Jose may have set the record for the fastest VAR review we’ve ever seen.

With San Jose trailing, Valeri Qazaishvili played a delightful one-two with Chris Wondolowski before rounding keeper Steve Clark and sending the ball toward the back of the net. Timbers center back Dario Zuparic heroically swept in to kick the ball away, but was it before the whole ball crossed the whole line?

The Ins And Outs Of Champions League Fake Crowd Noise Without Yelling My Opinion

The18 has made its opinion on fake crowd noise extremely clear and there's no need to reiterate how we feel. Instead, the goal this time is to take a closer look at how the Champions League fake crowd noise functions. This article will look at where the sounds come from, who controls them and other frequently asked questions revolving around the spooky invisible fans jeering footballers.

I Found The Secret To Being Unstoppable In FIFA Seasons Online

Tired of having to face an Ultimate Team on FIFA stacked with players like Messi and Ronaldo while you’re toying around with an average gold team? Or perhaps you’re a FIFA beginner and don’t want to hassle with making an Ultimate Team. No matter the case, I've unlocked the secret to instant glory with the best team to use for FIFA Seasons.

FIFA 21 Lets You Design, Build And Upgrade Your Own Stadium

EA Sports released a new trailer on Monday detailing the latest Ultimate Team developments for FIFA 21, which is slated for release on October 6. 

FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is the wildly popular game mode that combines collectible card game elements (used to build your own squad) with the traditional FIFA gameplay, and EA Sports traditionally spends a large portion of its time between released working on this cash cow.

Fortunately for FUT fans, there’s a lot to like about what’s promised in FIFA 21. 

“Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout” Is Coming For FIFA’s Crown

Released on August 4 for PlayStation 4 and PC, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout plays with the hugely successful battle royale formula of games like Fortnite, PUBG and Call of Duty: Warzone but with a playful twist: Instead of gunning down opponents on the path to being the last one standing, Fall Guys whittles down from 59 players over a series of mini games to determine the lone survivor. 

Georgia Stanway Is The First English Women’s FIFA Ambassador

FIFA 21 is already set to release on October 6, 2020. The cover boy has been announced and player ratings have been dissected. What more could there be? The answer is plenty more.

In a recent revelation, FIFA 21 named Georgia Stanway as another ambassador for the game. Stanway is now the first English woman to become a EA Sports FIFA Next Ambassador.

The Champions League TV Schedule For All Of You In The U.S.

Over here in ‘Murica we’re having a tough time — for multiple reasons obviously. One of our 99 problems is that we can’t figure out when and how to watch the Champions League. Today I bring you one solution: the U.S. Champions League schedule. Here's the CBS Champions League TV Schedule.

The last time we saw the Champions League was March 11, 2020, in the second legs of the Round of 16. We’ll pick up where we left off with the second legs.

EPL Clubs Vote Against 5 Subs Next Season And Approve Changes To VAR System

English Premier League clubs voted against continuing to allow the use of five substitutes in each game next season at their annual general meeting (AGM) on Thursday.

Clubs were allowed to increase the number of substitutes from three per match in the 2019-20 campaign when the league restarted in June, after a three-month hiatus due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

Pierluigi Collina Outlines Mission For Uniform Global Use Of VAR

FIFA wants VAR video reviews to be applied in the same way across all competitions, as they take over direct responsibility for the system.

Issues concerning VAR have been handled primarily by IFAB, the game's law-making body, during the system's two-year experimental phase and its introduction as part of the laws of the game. Soccer's global governing body FIFA, however, took over the role of supporting competition organizers with the implementation of VAR from July 1.