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Mexican team stamps photo of Instagram influencer on their new jersey

Every year, soccer teams around the world present the jerseys they'll use throughout the season. The designs vary from authentic art pieces to boring, generic templates that brands try to elevate with a beautifully written but meaningless press releases. 

It's all in an effort to squeeze as much money as possible from their fans' pockets. 

Karely Ruiz on a soccer jersey

In the wild, there are also a number of attempts that can only be labelled as weird and unconventional. For example, that's the case with the new uniforms of Deportivo Tlacuaches, an amateur club in Mexico that decided to drop a new kit inspired by Instagram model and influencer Karely Ruiz.

The concept? Straight and simple: an image of Karely Ruiz in a bikini, walking over a background that merges blue and white, and voilà!

I honestly have never seen anything similar in the past. And I'm probably not alone, which may explain why the design created by this team located in Nuevo León has gone viral. 

In terms of reactions, some have praised the jersey as something original, leading users online to ask where they can find one. However, some people are fairly criticizing the design because it objectifies women. We cannot agree more. 

We contacted Karely Ruiz for her opinion on the new Deportivo Tlacuaches jersey, but we're still waiting for a response. 

We're also trying to figure out why one of the team members has the jersey without Karely's photo printed over the fabric.

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