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Messi receives a guard of honor on his return to PSG but also a death glare from Mbappé's little brother

After a few days of rest, World Cup champion Lionel Messi returned to PSG training sessions and was warmly welcomed by teammates and the technical staff of the French club. 

Messi was loudly cheered and received a guard of honor to celebrate his role in Argentina's title in Qatar 2022. Soccer advisor Luis Campos even gave him a small trophy to mark the occasion. 

However, amidst Messi's honoring march, someone was not very happy: Ethan Mbappé, Kylian Mbappé's little brother. 

Ethan Mbappé gives Messi a death glare

Fans who watched the video on PSG's social channels were quick to notice that Ethan Mbappé was staring at Messi with hostile eyes. 

The youngster clapped Messi during the guard of honor, but through the look in his eyes, it seemed clear there was pain and a grudge toward him, too. And how can you blame him? After all, Messi defeated France in the World Cup final, preventing Kylian Mbappé from his second World Cup title.

You can say the story is a new chapter in the ego battles that shake the PSG dressing room, but if Messi had done the same to your brother, you surely would have behaved as Ethan did, right?

You are now probably asking yourself what Kylian Mbappé did during the guard of honor for Messi. And the answer is nothing. KM was not present in the Wednesday training session. The forward rushed his return to PSG after losing the World Cup final against Argentina a couple of weeks ago – earning compliments about his professionalism – but now enjoys a holiday break in the United States along with his friend Achraf Hakimi.

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Coincidence? You are going to believe what you want to believe. 

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