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Spanish goalkeeper celebrates team's promotion by kissing his boyfriend

People in Spain are calling it the "promotion kiss."

The image? 28-year-old goalkeeper Alberto Lejárraga celebrating Marbella FC's title and promotion to Segunda RFEF (the Spanish fourth division) by embracing his boyfriend and smacking his lips for a very touching and iconic moment.

Lejárraga was not only happy for his club's success but also for coming out as gay, following in the footsteps of professional players like Australian Josh Cavallo and Czech Jakub Jankto.

The shot-stopper published the kiss photo with his boyfriend on his social media, alongside other images with his family, thanking all of them for their support through the campaign. 

"Thank you so much for always being by my side through thick and thin. This time we were fortunate to live the beautiful side! Thanks!" he wrote. 

And people are loving the whole package: kiss, photo and message.

"Thanks for being brave, not hiding and being free," a Twitter user commented. "Bravo!! Thanks for making your love visibile in an environment where just a few pros have been brave enough to come out,'" said another.

I don't know if Lejárraga has been watching Ted Lasso Season 3 – spoiler alert on –, but his case reminded me of the moving conversation between AFC Richmond player Colin Hughes and Trent Crimm about how hard it is to be gay in professional sports and their wish to live their lives without being seen necessarily like a poster boy in their struggles. 

"I don't want to be a spokesperson. I don't want a bunch of apologies. All I want is for when we win a match to be able to kiss my fella the same way that guys get to kiss their girls," Hughes says.

And boy, Lejárraga just did that.

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