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Barcelona Have Identified Why They Lost In The Champions League And Corrected The Problem

Barcelona did not win the Champions League this season. Barcelona should have won the Champions League this season. 

No disrespect to Atletico Madrid, who deservedly bounced Barca in the quarterfinals, but the Blaugrana's attack was led by three of the five best forwards in the world, and every player in their squad (excluding goalkeeper) is either top five in the word at his position or at least in the conversation.

So why didn't they win the Champions League when nearly everyone thought they would? We believe the powers that be at the Camp Nou have identified the problem and corrected it.

It's the hoops. It's gotta be the hoops.

Remember their jerseys this year? Those awful hoops? We apologize if you have blocked them out of your mind, but everything is going to be OK. The hoops are gone, and vertical stripes are back where they should be, adorning the torsos of Barcelona players.

Sometimes breaking from tradition is a good thing. Some traditions need to be broken from, like cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving or the patriarchy. Vertical stripes, though, are a Barcelona tradition and, more importantly, a winning tradition.

The Blaugrana are back to vertical stripes, and, in all likelihood, back to winning.

(H/T 101greatgoals)

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