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Halloween Costume Ideas From World Cup 2014

Tomorrow is Halloween! And today is Thursday!

To combine these two landmark events, we have created a Throwback Thursday of the best costumes from the 2014 World Cup - plus some other, random, soccer-related costume ideas. Need a last-minute idea for that Halloween costume party? Maybe one of these photos will grab you and you can go out as a crazed soccer fan. 

Idea #1: Netherlands Carrot Guy

Unless you're Dutch, you are probably going to need to get creative here. For instance, one of your friends could be Bugs Bunny, while you are decked out in orange with carrots attached to a green hat. If you are running solo, find a shirt with a cake on it and rock the carrots around your neck and be some carrot cake. If you want to scrap the carrot idea all together, move on to the next option.

Carrots can make for some pretty good costume ideas. (Photo: 

Idea #2: Vampire Suarez

Have a Liverpool, Barca or Uruguay jersey on hand? Your’e in luck. All you need to do is go to your local Halloween store and grab some vampire teeth and you can be Suarez the Vampire. Heck, grab a cloak to put over your jersey, add a little fake blood and you’ll have a costume that will have people laughing and applauding your creativity. 

Luis Suarez biting jokes should be out and about this halloween. (Photo:@_Snape_ | Twitter)

Idea #3: Olé!

It’s going to be pretty obvious where we go with this costume. Get two friends and create a classic three amigos costume. Simply find a sombrero, get a little poncho and draw a mustache on your face, and "Olé!" If you have the resources, grab a couple of instruments and you can be a mariachi band. Think fighting might be in the cards for you on Halloween night? A luchador mask will do just fine. De nada in advance. 


Idea #4: The Flopper

We don’t have a photo for this one, just an idea. Dress up as a soccer player in complete uniform and go to your local shipping store and purchase some fragile tape. Tape most of your body with and you’ll get nothing but laughs the whole night. Don’t forget to play the part too. 


Idea #5: Yamato Damashi

Next we have some Japanese fans dressed as who knows what. According to comments on Gawker, a couple people who claim to live in Japan have no idea what the crew is dressed as, but either way they went all out. The Japanese characters translate to “Yamato Damashi” which is a word to show the “awesomeness” of being Japanese. Fair enough, but if you have a friend who is up for being a bowling ball, these costumes would work perfectly as bowling pins.  

Bowling pins? We don't know either. (Photo:@ian_poyo | Twitter) 

Idea #6: I Am America And So Can You

Probably one of the best costumes we saw during the World Cup. If you happen to have some of the same features as Teddy Roosevelt, this a great costume to hit the town with. All you need is your mustache, some glasses and your good ol’American patriotism to get people on your side. You can also be a biker which is another easy costume to put together. A leather jacket, Harley Davidson shirt and an American bandana should do just the trick. 

The fan who stole the show for the USA at the World Cup. (Photo:@Buzzfeed | Twitter)

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