Felix Delgado

Writer | Intern

Soccer is the most beautiful sport in the world, that's why it is the most popular on the planet. I am from Venezuela, a country where the most popular sport is Baseball, a sport that I also like (I even played it for several years), but it does not arouse the same passion in me as soccer does (should be called football, right?).

I remember watching the Korea/Japan 2002 World Cup, in which I really enjoyed the final and since that great game, I became a fan of this wonderful sport.

What I enjoy most about watching soccer matches is the intensity with which the game is played and witnessing beautiful goal-scoring opportunities.

Writing and Translating for The18 is a source of pride for me, as I have the joy of working doing what I love, with a very talented team and in an organization that provides quality in every way. It is a pleasure to continue growing with The18 and enjoy soccer on another level, working on it.