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Atlético Madrid win Christmas commercial of the year with incredibly touching video

An Atlético Madrid Christmas video has pulled at the heartstrings of soccer fans everywhere. The LaLiga club wished fans “a Happy and Red and White Christmas” this year and shared a video that checks all the boxes for an emotional Christmas classic.

The two minute and 45 seconds long clip shares that humanity and kindness triumph over rivalry and division.

We’ll provide an explainer for the video just in case it’s needed.

Atlético Madrid Christmas video

That’s a real tear-jerker right there. 

The video follows a cab driver who spots an old man alone in the cold. After approaching the old man it’s clear he’s suffering from some form of memory loss as he claims his house has disappeared when pointing to a vacant lot.

The cab driver eventually persuades the man to get into his cab so he can take him to his family. Attempts at small talk about the weather or the year lead to dead ends, but then the one thing that connects us all is brought up: The Beautiful Game.

After asking the old man if he’d seen the previous weekend’s game, a spark is seen in the passenger’s eyes. It becomes apparent that the memory loss is still having its effect as the old man starts talking about legendary Real Madrid star Alfredo Di Stéfano.

The taxi driver hesitates only for a moment before agreeing about Di Stéfano’s brilliance and referring to his nickname, “La Saeta Rubia” (the blond arrow).

Di Stéfano, who played for Real Madrid from 1953 through 1964, made 282 appearances for Los Blancos scoring 216 goals. The Madrid legend is all the old man can exuberantly talk about as the pair drive to his home.

The twist comes at the end after dropping the man off when it’s revealed that the taxi driver is a supporter of bitter city rival, Atlético Madrid. For the cab ride he had removed his Atlético Madrid decoration from the rearview mirror.

What a masterpiece from Atlético Madrid. 

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