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Watch: Alavés manager throws epic temper tantrum after conceding late to Real Madrid

If you think back to some of your angriest moments in life, what did you do? Throw something? Kick a wall? Take your anger out on someone else? Luis García, the manager of LaLiga club Alavés, did all three of those on Thursday during a furious temper tantrum.

Alavés sit just three points clear of the relegation zone and were minutes away from securing a big 0-0 draw vs. Real Madrid at home. García’s side had performed admirably and had a man-advantage after Nacho was given a red card in the 54th minute.

Disaster struck for Alavés in the 92nd minute when Lucas Vázquez stole all three points with a headed goal from a corner kick. He was completely unmarked and that caused García to blow his top.

Alavés manager freak out vs. Real Madrid

Throw something? Check. Take out anger on someone else? Check. Take off clothes in anger? Check. Screaming? Check. Start kicking violently? Check.

García has checked all the boxes here for a certified temper tantrum. Someone should try to calm him down with one of the 20,000 ham sandwiches that the club passed out before the game.

Thursday’s game had plenty of talkable moments including Antonio Rüdiger finding a new way to mark an opponent.

The game had a little bit of everything.

With Girona drawing Real Betis on Thursday the calendar year will end with Real Madrid on top of the table. Los Blancos and Girona are tied on 45 points after 18 games played.

Real Madrid vs. Alavés full highlights

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