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Belgium kit rescored: We all overlooked the greatest socks in football history

When adidas dropped the new Belgium kit for the 2022 World Cup, we all had a laugh about how it's something Guy Fieri would wear while eating his bodyweight in sloppy joes at a local dive.

I'll admit it, my first instinct was to laugh too. But then I put myself in the mind of a Belgian and thought, "Am I, as a Belgian, even aware of Guy Fieri's existence? Is 'Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives' even on my Belgian TV? And if, as I'm beginning to believe, I don't know Guy Fieri, then does an objective, untainted look at this kit reveal something much greater?"

I wasn't convinced. I still couldn't see myself purchasing it despite going on an odyssey of the mind through Brussels. Belgium kit score: 5/10

But then something happened on Thursday during Belgium's Nations League encounter with Wales that made it necessary to rescore this kit like Pitchfork revisiting Daft Punk's "Discovery" 20 years later and changing a 6.4 to a 10.

I saw the socks.

Belgium soccer socks

Let it burn (let it burn), gotta let it burn. Photo: Getty Images

I wasn't sold on the use of flames on the sleeves, but when it's licking your shins and calves and looking like a furious case of athlete's foot, then I'm totally on board.

I couldn't find the socks for sale on yet, but the Royal Belgian Football Association website has got them for €22.99. It's the perfect time to take advantage of the dollar's strength. 

Belgium soccer socks

The best sock at the 2022 World Cup, no questions asked.

And look at what Kevin De Bruyne did wearing these (wait for the final angle). Must be the socks.

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