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USMNT World Cup Jersey Officially Here — It’s Absolute Garbage And Everyone Hates It

Nike finally unveiled the USMNT World Cup jersey home and away kits on Thursday for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar this November. As we feared for the last few weeks, the USMNT World Cup kits are atrocious. No one on social media has anything nice to say about these shirts.

USMNT World Cup Jersey — 2022 Home And Away Kit 

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These jerseys were leaked a few weeks ago and multiple USMNT players said things like “we tried to tell them” about how ugly they are. And yet, Nike and U.S. Soccer persisted in releasing these hideous shirts on Americans desperate to buy soccer merch ahead of the first men’s World Cup the U.S. will compete in since 2014. The USWNT will also wear these jerseys at the 2023 Women's World Cup. 

The white home USMNT World Cup jersey is dull and boring. The blue away kit at least tries to do something but fails spectacularly. Both are so much worse than the amazing home and away kits adidas made for Mexico.

“Designed to inspire unity, symbolize diversity and celebrate Nike and U.S. Soccer’s commitment to expanding the game for the next generation on and off the pitch, the uniforms will be worn by both national teams as part of the federation’s belief in ‘One Nation. One Team,’” the federation said. “Through a bold and vibrant reimagined design, the new USA uniforms serve as a symbol of pride for team and country, representing diversity and togetherness — values that unite the country.”

There’s something about claiming a white jersey represents diversity that just screams tone deafness. 

The USSF claimed the home white kit draws inspiration from a variety of sports leagues in the country and that the away blue kit “celebrates diversity, youth and unity.” I’m not buying either explanation. 

I’m sure there is someone out there who likes the USMNT World Cup jersey options, but I’ve yet to meet them. 

Almost as soon as the USMNT World Cup jersey release took place on social media, fans bashed U.S. Soccer and Nike for subjecting them to such garbage.

USMNT World Cup Jersey Reactions

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