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Carli Lloyd explains her refusal to kneel during Olympics and says Megan Rapinoe was a distraction

Former United States women’s national team captain Carli Lloyd was a guest on the new CBS show “Kickin’ It” with Kate Abdo, Clint Dempsey, Mo Edu and Charlie Davies. During the episode Lloyd shared why she refused to kneel at the Olympics and conversations she had with Megan Rapinoe back in 2016.

The cast of the show also had a short moment to discuss their reactions to Lloyd’s answers after she had left.

Two of the big questions that Abdo asked Lloyd were why she refused to take a knee before the bronze medal game vs. Australia and the feelings between her and Rapinoe.

Here were Lloyd’s responses.

Why Carli Lloyd didn’t kneel at 2020 Tokyo Olympics

To provide some context, the USWNT were kneeling before each kickoff at the Olympics. They weren’t kneeling during the national anthem.

The Premier League players in England were also kneeling before games as a sign of solidarity and to protest racism and white supremacy.

Fans were surprised to see only 10 of the 11 USWNT players kneel before the game vs. Australia. Lloyd was the only player to remain standing.

“I knew that was going to be my last world championship game, so I wanted to stand,” Lloyd said. “I had kneeled all the other times and for me that was just (focused) on playing the game.”

Abdo asked Lloyd if there was a deeper reason for her standing to which Lloyd said she just wanted to stand for that game.

When asked if she would do it again Lloyd said she would.

The cast reacted to Lloyd’s comments after she had left with Davies being the most critical of Lloyd's answers.

Carli Lloyd says Megan Rapinoe was a distraction

The other burning question for Lloyd’s cameo was the relationship between her and Rapinoe. Fans who have followed the USWNT over the years know that Rapinoe and Lloyd were opposites.

Rapinoe was one of if not the loudest voices and advocates for equal pay, LGBTQ+ and Black Lives Matter while Lloyd typically strayed away from the topics.

In 2016 Rapinoe joined former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s protests of kneeling during the national anthem which caused plenty of discussions and controversy.

Abdo asked Lloyd what it was like between her and Rapinoe on the national team to which Lloyd said Rapinoe was a distraction.

“What she was doing was distracting our team and was distracting others to play,” Lloyd said.

Davies asked if Lloyd’s relationship with Rapinoe changed from that moment in 2016 to which Lloyd said that things “stayed the same.”

Rapinoe and Lloyd are both retired now with the latter sometimes making appearances for FOX Soccer. 

Together the pair won two Women’s World Cups.

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