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Christen Press says she cried at NWSL Championship when Megan Rapinoe tore her Achilles

Megan Rapinoe is on her path to recovery after tearing her Achilles tendon in the NWSL Championship game. The OL Reign forward’s injury was devastating for her fans and former teammates like USWNT star Christen Press who says she cried when it happened.

On an episode of “THE RE-CAP Show” featuring Press and Tobin Heath, the Angel City forward admitted that she teared up when Rapinoe went down injured.

During the show the USWNT pair were recounting the events of the NWSL Championship and Heath brought up that Press had tears when Rapinoe exited the game injured in the third minute.

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“It was the first few minutes of the match, and we were just not ready for the end (of Rapinoe’s career) to come right at the beginning,” Press said. “When I texted Pinoe after that game I told her three tears hit the floor because that’s what happened. Three giant, real tears hit the floor underneath my shoes.”

Press went on to describe what she felt the tears meant and symbolized.

“Those aren’t tears of pity. She’s too important, she’s had too big of a career, she’s had too much success and joy playing this sport for us to have pity. That would be disservice to the legacy she’s leaving,” Press said.

“And the tears fell from my face with love and pride to be able to have shared the field and the locker room with someone who has had such a long-lasting impact and will continue to have that long-lasting impact.

What her injury symbolized to me was the amount of risk that we all put out every single time we take the field.”

Press went on to say that none of Rapinoe’s great achievements on and off the field could’ve happened without the lows and the risk that players put out when they play.

Rapinoe’s playing days are now behind her. She underwent a successful surgery on Wednesday and will now spend her future months recovering.

Press, 34, can relate to the injury troubles as she’s been out with an ACL issue since June 2022. Heath, 35, has also been sidelined with a knee injury since 2022.

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