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Italy’s Como 1907 have changed the team photo game forever with amazing artistic style

Serie B club Como 1907 took a new spin on releasing their squad’s group picture with what is being called the most beautiful team photo ever.

Rather than the typical sports team photo of the entire squad sitting on a bench, Como 1907 have gone full Renaissance to separate themselves from the rest of the world and share Lake Como’s culture with the world.

Como 1907 Squad Photo

The beauty doesn’t end with the team photo as football fans can unlock more of Como’s Renaissance collection which includes digital and physical collectibles.


Mirwan Suwarso, the CEO of The Mola Group who plays a major role for Como 1907’s ownership, explains the team’s artistic vision about creating something unique and iconic in the world of football – while doing good at the same time:

“For our team photo we tasked Italian photographer Lucia Giacani to bring back the classic Caravaggio painting style, balancing light and shadows to create an iconic collectable for our our fans, football and photography aficionados alike, all in aid of an important charity that’s very close to our hearts."

Indeed, all of this work is toward a greater goal of raising money to fight childhood leukemia. All profits from this Como 1907 campaign will go to the leukemia research center near Como.

All the hype surrounding the team photos is leading up to Como 1907’s charity gala at the picturesque Villa Erba at Lake Como on Nov. 16. The event will offer the likes of music, art and of course, soccer.

Fans can enter for a chance to attend the gala, all-expenses paid for anyone in the world, by purchasing any of the collectibles. Other packages like the opportunity to have dinner with the team and more will be available.

Como 1907’s audience has been growing in recent times with legendary midfielder Cesc Fábregas, a part owner of the club, playing for the team in the 2022-23 and now serving as the Primavera (Academy) Coach.

The Italian side also made a trip to North Carolina this summer to compete in the first addition of The Soccer Tournament (TST). Como 1907 had one of the best fanbases at the tournament.

Como 1907 are striving to bring their culture and community on a global stage and do so for a good cause in the process. Another initiative the club is doing is having all proceeds from sales of a special edition of their third kits support a charity that funds research to fight against childhood leukemia.

The shirts don “Quelli che… con Luca” which is a tribute to Andrea Ciccioni who lost her son Luca to leukemia in 2011. Ciccioni has since founded a charity to fund research for cellular immunotherapy in an effort to offer children who are fighting the diseases a second chance.

Como third kit

This is just another example of Como 1907’s strong ties to its supporters, and spirit of moving the club forward together with its local community. As Mola Group CEO Suwarso says, it is a little club with large ambitions:

"Como is a small Italian club, but it is one of the most beautiful locations in the world, so in all of our activities we do our best to reflect that. Best in fashion, best in style, and one day best on the field.”

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