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Harry Maguire and David de Gea compete for LVP award as United crash out of Europa League

Manchester United lost to Sevilla 3-0 in the second leg of the Europa League quarterfinals on Thursday to crash out of the tournament with a 5-2 aggregate defeat. Harry Maguire and David de Gea both made horrendous errors that led to Sevilla goals during the game.

The least valuable player award (LVP) isn’t an official title given out, but nobody told Maguire and de Gea that. The two United players looked determined to win that prestigious award.

Maguire made his bid for the award in the eighth minute with a terrible giveaway right in front of his own goal. Sevilla’s press had de Gea in a tough spot and Maguire motioned that he wanted the ball. De Gea passed him the ball and then this happened.

People had the audacity to try and put some of the blame on de Gea for this error. This was a Maguire masterclass in the back and made the English defender a frontrunner for the LVP award.

This didn’t sit well with de Gea. How could people be giving Maguire credit for the error? The ball would have never been at Maguire’s feet if it hadn’t had been for his pass. 

The Spanish goalkeeper realized he needed to do something drastic if he was going to take home the LVP award. In the 81st minute with United trailing 4-2 on aggregate he picked his moment to make a name for himself.

Go get that award de Gea.

Deciding who gets the LVP award wasn’t easy, but in the end we at The18 determine that de Gea’s otherworldly performance in the third act was worthy of the award.

Sevilla’s other goal came from Loic Badé off a corner kick less than two minutes into the second half.

Manchester United looked like the team to beat in the Europa League after slaying Barcelona in February, however two months later they leave the tournament with their tails between their legs.

Sevilla, who have won this tournament six times, will look to make it seven as they advance to the semifinals. The Spanish side sits 13th in LaLiga and have had a forgettable year but continue to show Europe that the Europa League is their tournament.

Up next for Sevilla in the Europa League will be a semifinal with Italian giant Juventus.

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