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Erling Haaland's dad escorted away from Santiago Bernabéu VIP seats after trolling Real Madrid fans

While Erling Haaland was struggling to free himself from Antonio Rüdiger during Manchester City's 1-1 draw versus Real Madrid in the Champions League semifinals on Tuesday night, his father Alf-Inge was having an intense confrontation with Real Madrid fans in the Santiago Bernabéu stands. 

Alfie was a guest in one of the stadium's VIP boxes and had several exchanges with Real Madrid supporters, including some caught on camera.

Haaland's father versus Real Madrid fans

One of those exchanges occurred after Kevin de Bruyne scored the equalizer. The images show Haaland's dad standing up from his seat to perform several trolling gestures, from cupping his hands around his ears to an arm move equivalent to a go and f*ck yourself. 

Reports say he even threw some peanuts toward the fans, but he has denied those accusations. 

Eventually, the police and security personnel had to escort Alfie Haaland out of his box to control the uproar. 

Hours later, Alfie Haaland explained what happened using his Twitter account. "We had some good banter with Madrid fans. They were not happy when City scored. Typical," he said. "Then we had to move 50 meters away. Nothing more."

The semifinal's second leg will be played at the Etihad Stadium next Wednesday, May 17.

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