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MLS commissioner Don Garber hints league could try to find way to lure in Kylian Mbappé

There has been a ludicrous amount of transfer drama in the summer 2023 window and Major League Soccer might have one last trick up their sleeve. Yes, there are transfer rumors of a Kylian Mbappé MLS move.

The 24-year-old has been on the outs with Paris Saint-Germain for a while now as he has one year left on his contract and it’s widely agreed he’s seeking a move to Real Madrid. PSG don’t want to allow Mbappé to leave for free next summer when he's out of contract and instead are looking to sell him this transfer window for around $165 million.

Saudi club Al Hilal were prepared to break the all-time transfer fee record and pay PSG a whopping $332 million to have Mbappé for just a single season. Al Hilal were also willing to pay the Frenchman the biggest sports contract in history, $776 million in one year.

PSG accepted the offer however Mbappé refused to speak with the Saudi delegation and instead is looking to ride out the last year of his PSG contract where he’ll make over $160 million.

Real Madrid are realistically the only suitors for Mbappé, but that might not stop MLS from throwing their hat into the mix according to sports journalist Duncan Castles.

Mbappé MLS rumors

MLS commissioner Don Garber said that the league finds creative ways to bring in big players and could do so again with Mbappé.

“There was only one David Beckham, there’s only one Lionel Messi,” Garber said in a recent interview. “But, you know, who knows? Mbappé wants to come into the league and a team in our MLS wants to do something unique? MLS is ambitious and innovative and who knows what kind of structure we’ll come up with."

The deal used to bring Messi to MLS was incredibly unique as the Argentine had revenue-sharing agreements with Apple and adidas along with equity in the team. That might work for the 36-year-old Messi, but MLS would have to get incredibly crafty to bring a prime Mbappé to the States.

The secondary MLS transfer window closed on Aug. 2 which means if Mbappé wanted to join a team in the league he wouldn’t be able to until the winter. It’s also unclear how MLS would figure out PSG’s $165 million asking price.

Thiago Almada holds the record for the most expensive transfer in MLS history at $16 million, almost 10 times smaller than Mbappé’s price tag. The only real way it could be done is if Mbappé, much like Messi was this summer, is out of contract.

If Mbappé will turn down $776 million a year from Saudi Arabia, then MLS will have to make an unheard of offer. I recommend we offer him his own team, revenue sharing with every team in the league and give him the entire state of Montana. That should do it.

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