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FIFA confirms the U.S. is still better at soccer than Germany and Mexico in latest rankings

The United States men’s national team plays soccer better than the likes of Germany and rivals Mexico. FIFA confirmed this on Thursday in the latest world rankings.

FIFA last released the men’s rankings on Dec. 22, 2022.

The USMNT didn’t see any movement as the Stars and Stripes remain the 13th best nation in the world. Germany sits 14th while Mexico fills out the top 15.

Latest FIFA rankings

FIFA takes into account games played over the past four years and gives points with their uber-confusing formulas. The USMNT gained 1.03 points during the most recent international break for defeating Grenada and El Salvador.

Germany didn’t see much movement in points as the national team defeated Peru but then lost to Belgium 3-2 in a pair of friendlies.

Sorry Germany, but while you guys face off against weak little teams like Belgium, the United States of America is facing opponents of the highest echelon. 

Germany knows all about 7-1 score lines with their triumph vs. Brazil in the 2014 World Cup. That hardly compares to the glorious charge that Christian Pulisic led against the Spice Boys of Grenada last month.

There are levels to these sorts of things, Germany. Try to keep up.

The one big shift in the rankings saw Brazil drop from first to third. Morocco stunned the Brazilians in the March international window with 2-1 victory.

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Meanwhile at the top Lionel Messi and Argentina are the best in the world. Checks out.

For those curious about the battle at the bottom of the rankings, San Marino closed the gap on Anguilla by one point. The punching bag of Europe actually had two respectable performances in Euro qualifying with two 2-0 losses to Northern Ireland and Slovenia, respectfully.

Look out world, San Marino is coming.

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