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Let's Celebrate Some Of Robert Pires' Best Moments

I know exactly what you were thinking when you initially read the sub-headline of this story:

“Wait, he was still around after all this time??”

Believe me, I’m just as surprised as you are that Robert Pires was still kicking it in the professional ranks when I heard the news of his official retirement this morning. He was last spotted in India last year in March, playing for FC Goa in the Indian Super League. Pires leaves behind quite the legacy as a member of an Arsenal team which won the Premier League twice, the FA Cup three times, and reached the UEFA Champions League Final in 2006 during his tenure.

“I’m 42 years old, so some time (I) must stop. We must say stop and above all must give way to (the) young (players),” he said on beIN Sports. “My last experience was in India.”

Of course, the soccer world reacted accordingly on social media.

Pires was once an assassin on the left wing, infamous for creating some of Arsenal’s most brilliant goals during his tenure there.

Some gracious soul was able to find and compile EVERY goal he scored for Arsenal (which I’ve already watch way too many times since this story was posted).

Like everyone who has played the game in the professional ranks though, he had his head-scratching moments.

Before Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez executed their trick penalty, Pires and fellow frenchman Thierry Henry attempted a similar feat against Manchester City during the 2005-2006 season.

As you can see, it didn’t go that well.

This moment probably isn’t too high on his list of accomplishments either.

Regardless, farewell from the sport Mr. Pires. Good luck with whatever life brings your way next. And always remember that to some of us, you’ll always be super Rob.

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