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Is This Man Really In The Running To Be FIFA President?

In news that is unlikely to cause Sepp Blatter sleepless nights, ex-France, Paris St-Germain, Newcastle and Spurs midfielder David Ginola has announced his intention to stand against the septuagenarian Swiss for the presidency of FIFA. The 47-year old “heartthrob” (The18’s mother’s words) has invited the public to join “Team Ginola” and fight for a FIFA focused on “democracy, transparency and equality.”

Photo: 101greatgoals | Twitter 

All of which sounds just lovely. Except, while we’re all for challengers to the corrupt, self-serving regime of the crusty old Blatter, there are a number of very good reasons why Team Ginola isn’t going to get off the ground in a month of Sabbaths.

Firstly, to be eligible for the vote, Ginola must be endorsed by FIVE national associations between now and the cut-off date: January 29th. So far he has zero endorsements, and less than a fortnight to scrape them together.

Secondly, he has zero experience in football administration. That might be considered a good thing by us mere mortals, but it's a prerequisite for FIFA. 

Thridly, when asked at a press conference to name a FIFA executive committee member – the individuals who heavily influence the vote for the President, and the men and women (well, woman) he'd be working with – he failed to identify a single one. 

Finally, and most crucially, Ginola’s being paid £250,000 to run for the presidency by Irish betting firm Paddy Power. Putting aside minor details such as how that places Ginola to deal with issues such as match-fixing, Paddy Power is a company with a long and distinguished track record in PR stunts, including:  

  • Cutting “C’mon England” into the Amazon Rainforest (albeit digitally); 
  • Paying Niklas Bentdner to reveal Paddy Power boxers when he scored 
  • Putting a waxwork of Sir Alex Ferguson in a glass case outside Old Trafford with the words “Break In Case Of Emergency”, all while offering odds on Moyes to be sacked in the morning; 
  • During the Pistorius murder trial, running a newspaper advert shouting “It’s Oscar Time! Money Back If He Walks”; and
  • Skywriting “Tiger Loves A Bit Of Rough” over the skies of Medina during the 2012 Ryder Cup

So don’t hold your breath on the luxuriously maned, twinkly eyed Ginola sweeping into the FIFA House anytime soon. Which is a bit of a shame; not because we want to see the Frenchman's perfectly quaffed hair wafting around Zurich, but because the FIFA Presidential elections are the perfect platform for a serious outside candidate to highlight all that is so very wrong with FIFA in the 21st Century.

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