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Only 5% of people can correctly explain why this Rennes goal was disallowed — can you figure it out?

We apologize for the extra clickbaity headline, but we’re serious when we say few people can explain the disallowed Rennes goal vs. Villarreal from Thursday’s Europa League action.

For complete transparency, the author writing this story wasn’t part of the 5% of people who could correctly explain why this goal wasn’t counted upon first viewing. Not even CBS’ commentators understood the Rennes’ stoppage time equalizer mystery.

Before we give you the answer, watch the clip for yourself.

Rennes disallowed goal vs. Villarreal

Have you figured it out? No? To help you think we’ll even throw in the “Jeopardy!” theme music.

Alright, time is up. Prepare your answer.

Correct answer: The Rennes goal was disallowed due to free kick taker Enzo Le Fée being the first player to touch the ball after the kick. Another player, be it teammate or opponent, is required to touch the ball before the player taking the set piece touches it again.

This rule is mostly enforced on penalty kicks as the kick taker can’t touch the ball again if it hits off the post back to them. In the game with Rennes the ball miraculously hit off the crossbar, didn’t touch a single player and came back to Le Fée.

The correct call was made.

CBS’ rules expert Christina Unkel helped explain further.

Did you know why the goal was disallowed without any help? If so then congratulations, you’re part of tiny group.

Villarreal won 3-2 to claim top spot of the group and automatically advance to the Europa League Round of 16. Rennes finished second and will have to play a third-placed team from the Champions League to advance to the Round of 16.

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