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Everything You Need To Know About The Women's College Cup Semifinals

It’s been unpredictable in the Women’s NCAA Division I and Division II soccer tournaments, and we still have some time left to enjoy these crazy games. The semifinals are up next.

Division I

In one of the greatest upsets of the season, Stanford lost to USC (3-0), an unseeded team playing like they’re one of the elite. They won despite defending their goal line from over 30 shots on goals by the Stanford squad. This “Cinderella” team has been steam-rolling their opponents.

Georgetown takes on USC and West Virginia is pitted against North Carolina on Friday in San Jose, California.

Expect to see some fireworks between each team. Georgetown is known for its scoring. Yet, USC has an amazing back line. West Virginia has some terrific players from Canada, who are astonishingly talented, but North Carolina knows how to score.

Division II

Grand Valley State will face the same team that they beat in the championship game last year, Columbus State. Columbus State will definitely be looking for some revenge on Thursday.

Not to be forgotten, however, is Western Washington, who had their dreams dashed by Grand Valley State in the semifinals last year. Expect the Vikings to take their frustration out on Kutztown. But defeating Kutztown won’t be easy. They won’t go down without a fight.

Kutztown came back from being down 2-1 at halftime to defeat West Chester (a conference rival) in a 3-2 win. Plus, Kutztown also has some amazing freshman players (Maddie Mohr, Emily Zwiercan and Cara Griffith) that have breathed fresh life into their game.

These matches should be grueling for both sets of teams, but enjoyable to watch for the fans.

What teams are you rooting for? 

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