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Senegal Goalkeeper Rabona Kicks His Own Leg, Acts As If He’s Been Shot To Waste Time

What’s your most embarrassing story? Khadim N’Diaye, goalkeeper for the Senegal national team, has a pretty good one. It involves his right leg, his left leg and a degree of shamelessness that’s enough to make the rest of humanity feel humiliated.

N'Diaye performed an atrocious bit of playacting to shave a few seconds off the clock at the end of Senegal’s match versus Algeria at the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations.

There is absolutely no reason for this. A draw guaranteed Senegal the top spot in Group B, but Senegal had such a vastly superior goal difference to Tunisia that a loss ultimately wouldn’t have mattered. N’Diaye clearly wasn’t made aware of that fact. Not that this excuses the behavior of a 32-year-old man representing his country at a major international tournament.

Taking a goal kick, N’Diaye sneakily manages to rabona kick the back of his own leg while approaching the ball, resulting in a near-death experience where he met Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates, loitered around for a minute and excused himself to return to his earthly body and have some water.

For shame! Senegal will play Cameroon on Saturday in the quarterfinals, and something tells me there will be retribution from above for this tomfoolery. The Indomitable Lions are coming for you, Khadim N’Diaye. 

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