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Humanity Hits All-Time Low As Czech School Children Boo Rangers’ Kamara For Being Racially Abused

Rangers fell 1-0 to Sparta Prague on Thursday, but the real loser was humanity. Rangers midfielder Glen Kamara — who was racially abused by a Czech player from Slavia Prague last season — was booed throughout Thursday night’s match.

These weren’t ultras booing Kamara. It was thousands of school children. Why did only children attend Sparta’s Europa league match you ask? The Prague club is serving a stadium ban from UEFA after racially abusing Monaco’s Aurelien Tchouameni in August. Sparta found a loophole to fill the stadium with 10,000 school children.

The children then jeered Kamara.

In the highlights you can hear boos each time Kamara — No. 18 for Rangers — touches the ball. If you watched the full game, then you know that this was a frequent occurrence whenever Kamara was on the ball.

Why Were The Children Booing?

The children were booing Kamara for the racist incident that took place between him and Ondrej Kudela of Slavia Prague.

The Czech defender was rightfully given a 10-match ban after an investigation from UEFA (Kamara received a 3-match ban for assaulting Kudela in the tunnel). Kudela’s ban included international games, causing him to miss all the Euros with the Czech Republic. 

A handful of Czechs blame Kamara for Kudela’s absence at the Euros.

No one is born racist, racism is taught. Judging from how Czech fans racially abused Kamara online and with horrid banners, it’s easy to see where the school children learned to boo Kamara.

A pair of children were seen during Thursday’s game with a poster that had “Team Kudela” written on it.

According to Kamara’s lawyer, Aamer Anwar, the Rangers player turned off his phone Thursday night “due to the racist bile which has not stopped.”

What Has The Response Been?

Rangers’ manager Steven Gerrard said in an interview that Rangers will be contacting UEFA over the incident and that punishments for racist incidents aren’t severe enough.

Anwar has called UEFA a disgrace.

Sparta has firmly denied the accusations of the school children doing any wrongdoing and claims that the young fans are the victims. Part of Sparta’s statement read, “Stop attacking our children! Our club will proudly defend our children - our future and our pride. Slandering children on the internet is extremely cowardly.”

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