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Steven Gerrard Can Help Reverse The Trend Of Failing English Managers

Steven Gerrard, 36, made it clear at the beginning of 2016 that it would likely be his last year as a player. That statement is now on the verge of coming true. 

His contract with the Galaxy is up, and he’s announced that his MLS career is over. Gerrard, the former captain of Liverpool, has always been a larger than life figure. He could always be counted on to deliver at clutch moments, but he’s also been hindered by a sporting egotism that often left supporters feeling let down.

His last year at Liverpool was soured by drama due to a hugely disappointing season for the club and back and forth over a contract extension that seemed to go on forever. This all probably led to his decision to play for Los Angeles in MLS. 

Now, Gerrard has officially announced that his time in LA is done. He has often hinted over the past year that he would likely go immediately into coaching, but there’s also rumors concerning him prolonging his career in the United Kingdom.

Special place incredible view I will miss you LA #lalaland

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For American fans hoping that the legend will stay in the U.S., that’s unlikely to happen. Gerrard will likely head back to Liverpool and have a behind the scenes role at the club. According to Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp, Gerrard “is always so welcome at Liverpool FC”.

It's also been rumored that Gerrard could become the manager, or even player-manager, at MK Dons.

While Gerrard is probably not going out the way he wanted to – he’s had quite a few low moments over the past year – his legacy is certainly intact. I mean, just look at some of his greatest moments in this video.

But then there were the highly visible and controversial red cards and slip-ups that tarnished his playing image. And, let’s face it, there were very few highlights in his MLS career. In fact, some called his MLS performance underwhelming and more of a hindrance than a help.  

Going quietly into that good night doesn’t mean that we as fans won’t remember all the good times. In fact, I’m sure that we’ll be reliving them sooner rather than later. Besides, seeing Gerrard on the touchline would be a thrill, and we’re looking forward to seeing him coaching soon.

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