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Chris Wood scores THREE goals vs. former club Newcastle and doesn’t celebrate a single one

One unwritten rule of soccer that doesn’t really exist in other sports is the art of players not celebrating if they score a goal against a team they formerly played on.

Nottingham Forest’s Chris Wood took that unwritten rule to heart on Boxing Day when netted a hat trick against his former club, Newcastle. 

The New Zealand forward was the hero in Forest’s massive 3-1 victory but hardly celebrated as he followed the unwritten rule of not celebrating after scoring against a former team.

Chris Wood not celebrating vs. Newcastle

He nearly celebrated after the second goal, but we can hardly call that a true reaction to taking the lead after a sensational solo effort.

Some fans, including the person writing this article, argue that Wood could have celebrated, and it wouldn’t have ruffled too many feathers.

The 32-year-old only played with Newcastle for one year making 39 appearances from Jan. 2022 thru Jan. 2023.

It’s one thing if a player scores against a club they played for over five seasons, but only one season? We say celebrate away.

At the end of the day the rule is unwritten so players can do what they please. Some like Wood will choose not to celebrate, and others like João Félix will go crazy after scoring a goal against the club that’s LOANING them.

To each their own.

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