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Wrexham defeats Manchester United in jam-packed Snapdragon Stadium

Wrexham A.F.C. are becoming one of the most beloved teams in the United States and their most recent friendly match abroad against Manchester United is a prime example of just how quickly their foreign fanbase is growing.

Wrexham is America’s new soccer team

Like we said, the Wrexham-mania in the States is through the roof and their most recent preseason friendly match against Manchester United shows just how big the fanbase is getting in America.

Wrexham A.F.C and Manchester United faced off on Tuesday in San Diego's Snapdragon Stadium in one of the many friendlies the Red Dragons have had ahead of the 2023-24 season. A match for the ages in the border-city.

Though, unlike the Dragons' most recent result against a Premier League squad (5-0 loss vs. Chelsea), the Welsh team actually managed to come out victorious.

On paper the game didn’t promise much other than seeing some of the United youngsters showcase their skills and the possibility of getting a Ryan Reynolds or Rob McElhanney cameo at some point in the game. This was due to the absence of the full Red Devil first-team because of their match against Real Madrid the day after

However, if you attended the Snapdragon Stadium in San Diego this Tuesday to watch the game, you’d probably disagree.

For starters, while most people who bought a ticket were aware of the fact that the Stetford End squad was to play with their U-21 roster, both fanbases participated in an incredible turnout with over 34,248 in attendance. Sold-out.

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Now, most would think that the majority of those in the stands were there to support United, various instances of the game exhibited just how many were really there to cheer on the Red Dragons. 

Every time the opposing goalkeeper Nathan Bishop touched the ball, for example.

With no seats left unoccupied and with both team sheets stepping onto the pitch with something to prove, the stage was set for an entertaining matchup.

Wrexham defeats Manchester United in jam-packed preseason friendly

Unfortunately, the first minutes of the match were shadowed by a hard clash between United goalkeeper Nathan Bishop and Paul Mullin that saw the No. 10 on the ground injured for a few minutes.

Embed from Getty Images

What were some scary minutes fortunately ended with just a substitution and with Mullin walking out on his own two feet. 

Wrexham later revealed that the Brit suffered a punctured lung.

Get well soon, Paul.

In the 29th minute and with Wrexham controlling the tempo of the game, a wonderful cross into the box found by Elliot Lee opened the scoring for the Dragons. Rob was loving it.

Eight minutes later, a long throw-in into the 18, followed by a double header, left 6’1” Aaron Hayden an easy opportunity to double the Welsh’s lead. They were cruising past the United lads.

In the closing minutes of the first half and with Wrexham showing no sign of folding their advantage, a smart build-up at the edge of the Dragons' box finished with United’s Marc Jurado slicing the ball and banging one in the back of Ben Foster’s net.

The start of the second half was seen with some of the classic preseason substitution frenzy that tends to kill the pace of the match. Though, a strong tackle at the center half showed that this was not going to be the case.

In the effort to challenge the ball, Manchester United’s Dan Gore went studs up on Wrexham’s Andy Cannon. For the referee, this was not acceptable in a preseason friendly match and the No. 44 was sent back to the showers in the 47th minute.

Playing down to 10 men ultimately took its toll on the academy players and minutes later, a soft defensive effort in the Reds' box left Sam Dalby at the front of the net to score the last goal of the match. Easy pickings.

Wrexham will continue and finish their USA pre-season tour against Philadelphia Union ll on Friday, while Manchester United will play Real Madrid at NRG Stadium on Wednesday.

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