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BREAKING: Sepp Blatter Facing 90 Day Suspension By FIFA Ethics Committee

News of a Sepp Blatter suspension broke today as the FIFA Ethics committee recommended that the current president of FIFA be suspended for 90 days. 

Reports: Sepp Blatter Suspension Recommended By FIFA Ethics Committee

According to Sky Sports reporter Paul Kelso, the investigations arm of the FIFA Ethics Committee has recommended as punishment for FIFA President Sepp Blatter suspension served over 90 days.  The suspension still needs to be confirmed by judge Hans Joachim Eckert, the chairman of FIFA's adjudicatory chamber.

Ninety days is the longest suspension the committee is able to hand down during their investigation of Blatter, Sky Sports reported.

BREAKING: Qatar 2022 World Cup CONFIRMED To Be Played In Winter

UK-based journalist Rob Harris has tweeted that FIFA has confirmed that the Qatar World Cup will be played in the winter, from November 21st to December 28th. Lasting just 28 days, it will be three days shorter than a normal World Cup.

Swiss Government Opens "Criminal Proceedings" On Sepp Blatter

Sepp Blatter is facing criminal proceedings from the Swiss Attorney General, the Swiss government announced Thursday. 

The proceeding stem from interactions Blatter had with former CONCACAF head Jack Warner, who faces chargest from the United States government.

He also faces criminal proceedings from payments made to Michel Platini, the current head of UEFA and front-runner to replace Blatter as president of FIFA. 

Here's the full statement from the Swiss government:

Russian World Cup Workers Not Getting Paid? Guess What FIFA Thinks About That.

As if there was ever a dull moment in the world of FIFA these days; issues revolving around the 2018 and 2022 World Cups continue to get worse. The laborers involved with constructing the Russian World Cup stadiums have come out saying they haven’t been paid for their work in months.

The Wait Is Almost Over: FIFA 16 Releases All-New Updates In An Epic Trailer

Can’t wait for the latest installment of EA Sports hit game FIFA? Neither can we, and the wait is becoming that much harder after watching the newest trailer for FIFA 16 featuring their ‘Sights and Sounds’ improvement. 

Cristiano Ronaldo Does Not Care What FIFA Is Doing

We'll give Cristiano Ronaldo this: he's very opinionated about not being opinionated.

In a recent interview, Ronaldo was asked what he thought about the whole FIFA business.

"I don't care about FIFA, Qatar, I don't give a f***," Ronaldo said before getting up and walking out of the interview. It is here that we're contractually obligated to use the word "petulant" in regards to Cristiano. 

He's not required to care about any of the FIFA business, but come on, man. 

The Mob Museum In Las Vegas Is Adding A FIFA Exhibit

FIFA has tried to downplay allegations of corruption leveled against it by U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, but the Mob Museum in Las Vegas isn't buying it.

The museum has annouced the opening of a FIFA exhibit, called "The Beautiful Game Turns Ugly," which will be permanently on display in the museum. 

Facing Allegations Of Corruption, FIFA To Save Russia From Corruption And Dishonesty

Earlier this week, Sepp Blatter took another important step along the road to transforming FIFA from a governing body of the world’s most popular sport into a comedy troupe with a penchant for the absurd. 

This Former FIFA Exec Just Traded Absurd Riches To The US For Freedom

If former FIFA Executive committee member Jeffrey Webb wants to convince people he isn't a hilariously corrupt person, he didn't do himself any favors when securing his bond.

Webb was one of the FIFA officials arrested during a sting operation in Zurich last month, and the first to be extradited to the United States. 

His bond releases him into house arrest, as long as the house is located within 20 miles of the court in Brooklyn he must appear at. He also must provide private security to make sure he doesn't escape, which he must pay for himself.