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The Battle Between Comedian John Oliver and FIFA’s Jack Warner Just Erupted

John Oliver and Jack Warner have been putting on quite the show lately. Warner, you'll recall, is the former CONCACAF head and FIFA executive vice-president who is accused of taking a $10 million bribe, and has claimed he has documents that will make the s***hammer come down on FIFA's head. Warner bragged about these documents on Trinidad and Tobagan TV, so John Oliver bought airtime on the same TV station to ask Warner to release the documents.

Sepp Blatter Might Not Actually Resign

According to one of Sepp Blatter's former aids, the outgoing FIFA president might also be the incoming FIFA president.

Klaus Stoehlker, formerly Blatter's election adviser, said this to a Swiss newspaper: "Blatter has built the organisation into a global, highly successful company, and he's a top diplomat. Blatter has a reasonable chance. It now depends on how he behaves in the coming months."

FIFA, The World's Worst Organization, Has Put Out The World's Worst Movie

Normally when someone says a movie is the worst movie in the history of everything, you'd take a look at Tommy Wiseau's "The Room" and see that it can get worse. This isn't the case with the FIFA propaganda film "United Passions." It somehow manages to be worse than "The Room" and that's saying something.

Don't get me wrong, Tim Roth nails it--he always does--but literally every other part of the movie fails on literally every single level. No, I am not being hyperbolic.

Hear The Joke That Forced This FIFA Director To Quit FIFA

FIFA communications director Walter De Gregorio appeared on Swiss television and told a joke. After that, he didn't have a job anymore. The Joke?

"FIFA President Sepp Blatter, the General Secretary, and the Communications Director are in a car. Who is driving? The police."

John Oliver Asks Jack Warner To Release Documents In Hilarious Commercial And Jack Warner Responds

John Oliver took out about four minutes of air-time in Trinidad & Tobago to try to coerce Jack Warner, a native of the islands and former FIFA executive, to turn over incriminating documents to the feds. Warner, who has served as a FIFA Vice President and head of CONCACAF, had bought a similar slice of airtime on the same station to threaten the release of the documents. 

Basically, Oliver made a TV commercial to the effect of, "Do it! Do it!"

Barack Obama Weighs In On FIFA

President Obama addressed the FIFA scandal while speaking Monday.

The President Of Venezuela Wants Diego Maradona To Lead FIFA

Nicolas Maduro, the President of Venezuela, endorsed Diego Maradona for the soon-to-be-vacant FIFA presidency.

Former FIFA Exec Chuck Blazer Admits To Taking Bribes For World Cups

Chuck Blazer, as part of his guilty plea on corruption charges, admitted to taking bribes from potential host nations of the 1998 and 2010 World Cups.

6 FIFA-Associated Men Added To Interpol's Most-Wanted List

Six men with ties to FIFA have been assigned "red Notices" by Interpol, putting them on wanted list for international law enforcement agencies.