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The State Of Emergency In Turkey Has Footballers Fleeing The Country

It’s not a pretty sight when off-field issues drive players away from their clubs. From threats made by supporters to financial troubles within the club, we’ve seen all kinds of reasons for players to push for moves away from their current teams. 

However, in the past few years, we’ve seen a rise in the number of players who’ve left in fear because of political unrest threatening their own personal safety.

We saw that happen during the Ukrainian crisis not too long ago, and, unfortunately, we are watching a similar scenario unfold in Turkey. 

How Football Is Striving To Combat Homelessness Around The Globe

The Homeless World Cup, which took place in Glasgow this year, finished up on Saturday. Mexico won both the men's final and the women's final, as the men coasted by Brazil 6-1 while the women beat Kyrgyzstan 5-0. 

At this point, you might be asking yourself: "Wait. What's a Homeless World Cup?" Allow us to enlighten you. 

One Man's Journey From The Wilderness Of America's Lower Leagues To The Hallowed Grounds Of Europe

The mistakes of the past are an integral part of our composition. Our future will be determined by a wide breadth of experiences and backgrounds — a collection of dissenting narratives that don’t necessarily follow the status quo. Either we allow the perspectives of the minority to illuminate the harsh truths hindering our game, or we remain insular, weakened and stagnant.

This Is Noukie: The Footballer So Easy To Love We’ve Forgotten How To Like

When I was told to write a profile of Dutch footballer Anouk Hoogendijk, a defender for Ajax’s women's team, that emphasized why people would like her, I thought: impossible.

She doesn’t know her place. She has won the Dutch women’s league twice with Saestum, the Dutch cup once with FC Utrecht, and the FA cup once with the Arsenal Ladies.

Atletico Diritti, An Italian Team Of Refugees, Migrants And Prisoners, Plays For Human Rights

In the southeastern Roman neighborhood of Quadraro, Atletico Diritti play their home matches under the shadow of the Felice Aqueduct. The aqueduct was completed in 1586 by Pope Sixtus V, bringing water back to the hills of Rome, which had been waterless and sparsely inhabited since the sixth century.

By 1589, the aqueduct was filling no less than twenty-seven public fountains. As the aqueduct provided for the people of Rome, so Atletico Diritti hopes to provide for the migrants, refugees, prisoners and former prisoners in the area. 

Olympiakos and Mexico Striker Alan Pulido Found Safe After Kidnapping

Alan Pulido has been found safe by Mexican authorities, Reuters reported.

Armando Pulido, the brother of Mexico and Olympiakos striker Alan Pulido, confirmed to Mediotempo that his brother was kidnapped in the city of Victoria in Tamaulipas, Mexico on Saturday.