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Let's Celebrate Some Of Robert Pires' Best Moments

I know exactly what you were thinking when you initially read the sub-headline of this story:

“Wait, he was still around after all this time??”

Messi’s Greeting Of Paul Pogba Shows How All Winners Should Behave

Lionel Messi is a bit of an enigma. He has been painted as an anti-social genius, and as the quiet but friendly force that keeps the current Barcelona power trio of MSN in balance. It’s hard to know what to expect from him — is he abrasive or gregarious in his own quiet way? — and apparently this held true when Paul Pogba met Messi. 

Andrés Guardado Is Never Finished. His Entire Career Proves it.

Andrés Guardado simply will not stop. He’s the epitome of hard work, strength of character and desire for all of the Americas. 

A born fighter, Guardado does not keep his battles solely on the field. He inspires others to work towards the betterment of themselves and the world around them.

He tackles the battle against breast cancer, pushing for global awareness and activisim, in the same way he'd fly into a tackle for El Tri.

How Were These Top Players Ever Relegated From The Premier League?

Ballon d'Or winners, Champions League victors and multiple Premier League medal holders, it's hard to believe these players have all been relegated from the EPL.

Who's Been Naughty And Who's Been Nice? A 2014 Christmas Countdown.

With Christmas just around the corner and Santa putting his final touches on his naughty and nice list, we here at The18 thought we’d put together our own list of soccer’s naughtiest and nicest personas of 2014. 


Luis Suarez

The Hottest Soccer Players On Instagram

We’re a site of the people here at The18. Upon request, after our recent article about "The Best Instagram Accounts Of Soccer Wives & Girlfriends," we put together (with the help of some of our female staff) a compilation of Instagram accounts of the best looking soccer players in the world.

So, ladies, pull out your smartphones and hit the follow button, because these footballers have the looks to match their skills. Here are the hottest soccer player Instagram accounts: 

Halloween Costume Ideas From World Cup 2014

Tomorrow is Halloween! And today is Thursday!

To combine these two landmark events, we have created a Throwback Thursday of the best costumes from the 2014 World Cup - plus some other, random, soccer-related costume ideas. Need a last-minute idea for that Halloween costume party? Maybe one of these photos will grab you and you can go out as a crazed soccer fan. 

Idea #1: Netherlands Carrot Guy

The Best And Worst Soccer Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux aren’t the only star soccer players to dress up for Halloween. The ghoulish - or downright silly - sentiment streams across the world and you'll be happy to know some of the world's best players dress up for Halloween. We hope they do it again this year.

Let’s take a look at some of the best and worst costumes from the past couple of years:

2012 Sydney Leroux and Alex Morgan as USA Olympic gymnasts: