How Were These Top Players Ever Relegated From The Premier League?

Ballon d'Or winners, Champions League victors and multiple Premier League medal holders, it's hard to believe these players have all been relegated from the EPL.

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Peruvian Referee Gives 5 Red Cards In 5 Minutes

Peruvian referee Ramon Blanco handed out five red cards in the final five minutes of a game, a including one to a coach, and needed a police escort from the pitch.

Sterling To Leave Liverpool Even If Offered £900,000 A Week

Raheem Sterling’s agent has made it clear that no amount of money will keep England’s most controversial 20-year-old at Liverpool.

One La Liga Title, Zero Minutes On The Pitch

Arsenal loanee, Thomas Vermaelen, has secured his first professional league title with Barcelona after spending zero minutes on the pitch.

Mario Balotelli Has Been Racially Abused On Social Media +4,000 Times

A study from anti-discrimination organization Kick It Out found that Mario Balotelli gets abused a lot, and a bunch of other stuff.

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Cesc Fabregas is set to serve a three match ban after an early red card.

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