Swedish Soccer Team Almost Lost in Germanwings Tragedy

A twist of fate saved players on Swedish team Dalkurd FF from taking the Germanwings flight that ended in tragedy in the Alps.

They Wanted To Celebrate With Cartwheels And Kids. So The Other Team Scored From Midfield.

The K-Stars just scored a ridiculous free-kick, so of course they were going to celebrate. Some one just should have told them when enough is enough.

Soccer Moms Clothesline Player With Motivational Banner

Johnny just wanted to run out onto the the field with his teammates. Little did he know of the horror that awaited him on his way.

7 Haunting Pictures From Deserted AC Milan Match

Disgusted with how their club has been run, AC Milan’s fans boycotted their club’s match. These photos from match day are some of the creepiest, most disconcerting images you’ll see all year.

Club America Kicks Player In The Head, Gets Destroyed 3-0

Pablo Goltz nearly cleared Christian Lagos’ head into the 3rd row. He failed, but succeeded in setting the tone for a righteous beatdown.

Player Forced To Pee On Live TV

Look, we’ve all peed in a cup. But not many of us have ever been forced to pee in a cup on the sidelines of a nationally broadcast sporting event.

Zlatan Insults Entire Country Of France, But Who Hasn’t?

Zlatan was not happy with a missed refereeing decision that led to PSG losing 3-2 against Bourdeaux, and he took out his frustrations on the entire country of France. Don’t judge him too soon, though.

Russian Soccer Coach Kicks Small Child A Foot In The Air

Russians do a lot of things differently than other countries, and it looks like that applies to their coaching as well.

Knocked Out: Keeper Takes One For The Team

Goal keepers put it all on the line to make sure the ball doesn’t go in the back of the net. However, it seems this time Lukas Kruse had little say in the matter.

Cuba and New York Cosmos To Play Soccer Game...No, Really.

Thawing diplomatic relations between Cuba and the US are opening doors, they will face one another in a game of soccer.