Cristiano Ronaldo Wants You To Check Out His Legs

The fallout from Brexit and its implications for the United Kingdom. The widening divide between United States of America voters siding with either Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton. The global rise in refugee numbers and the humanitarian crises facing us all.

No matter. Cristiano Ronaldo just wants you to look at his legs. Just look at them, damn you! These legs are going to solve the world’s problems, one highly toned quadricep at a time. 

He Scored From 70 Yards Out. You Can Hear His Scream Of Joy From A Lot Farther

You know a goal was ridiculous when the player who scored it celebrates by screaming like he just pranked his entire team. It’s simple logic, and it goes without saying that this Gael Clichy training goal is my case in point.

Understand The Science Behind Messi’s Insane Curved Goals

Messi cannot break the laws of physics. As much as some of his fans love to say that he does, and as magical as his talent may seem, it is physically impossible for him to break the laws of physics. It is impossible for all of us, independent of some sort of incredible technology, to break the laws of physics. With a ball at his feet, Messi must obey the same laws as everyone else in the world. He just happens to be the best in the world at pushing those laws to their very limits. He can put the ball wherever he wants, curve it however he wants, but how does he do it?

10 Training Ground Goals You’ll Never See Attempted In Games

In addition to ubiquitous cat videos, YouTube serves as a veritable clearinghouse for amazing footballing exploits. While many of these displays of superhuman skills have been performed on the world’s biggest stages — the Champions League, La Liga, the English Premier League, the Bundesliga — even more are training goals.

Just How Good Are The Pros? These Ridiculous Training Ground Goals Will Show You

An old soccer adage tells us that all goals count the same. A howitzer from 40-yards, a rabona from the corner or an own goal off the defender’s ass, each will be rewarded with a solitary point. Soccer doesn’t discriminate. Unless you’re on the training ground. In that case, training ground goals don’t really count for anything.

4 Simple Things Top Athletes Do To Get In Amazing Shape

Fitness and yoga guru Kent Katich knows athletes. A collegiate basketball player himself, he has worked with the likes of the USMNT’s Jermaine Jones, the NBA’s Kevin Love, MLB’s Giancarlo Stanton, and the NFL’s Eddie George. Throughout his experiences with these men, he has built up a knowledge base on how athletes should take care of themselves.

Five Indoor Soccer Tricks And Skills That Will Turn You Into A Beast

The weather’s growing colder and the winter’s first snow storm is imminent, but that doesn’t mean your soccer game has to go into hibernation too. These indoor soccer tricks and skills are guaranteed to humiliate your opponents and drive your game to the next level.

Indoor soccer provides players with an opportunity to work on their close control, to try tricks and skills that would normally land you a spot on the bench and to focus on scoring the golazo of your dreams. 

Now is not the winter of our discontent. Now is the time to play beautiful, my friends.

Eden Hazard Scored A Worldie During Belgium Training

Bicycle kicks are good and also Eden Hazard is good. With that being said, the winner of this video is the person who added the music after Hazard hammered an overhead in Belgium training:

Pass. Bike. Score. Dance. I couldn’t ask for more out of a video.

This Goalkeeper Drill Is Absolutely Unbelievable.

In their latest attempt to intimidate the Turkish Premier League, Fenerbahce have released video of their keepers performing superhuman feats of gymnastics and goalkeeping AT THE SAME TIME!

This is just about one of the most tiring thing we have ever seen. I can feel my thighs starting to burn just watching.