Whose Football Is Fastest? Are European Or NFL Players Faster?

Could Cristiano Ronaldo, Arjen Robben, or Gareth Bale out-sprint the NFL's fastest players? The answer might surprise you.

Pep Guardiola Loves His Players. And Tells Them Just How Much During This Drill.

Pep Graudiola showed his compassionate side at a recent Bayern Munich training session. His sweaty, yelling, overzealous compassionate side.

Learn The 10 Best Signature Moves In All Of Soccer ... In 10 Days

Cruyff, Maradona, Ronaldinho. We have found the 10 best signature moves inspired by players and we show you how to pull them off. Better get your notebooks out.

Watch Bayern Munich's Dizzying 42-Pass Tiki Taka Training Drill

Judging by Bayern's winter training regime, reports of Tiki Taka's death have been greatly exaggerated.

Handy Video Explains What Soccer Position Numbers Mean For The Confused

Look, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. At one point or another, we were all newcomers to the game of soccer, ignorant of its ways. There was a time when, if you asked us what someone meant when saying that a #6 passed to a #10, who then slotted a #9 through to goal, we would have been able to explain it about as well as we could the plot of a vintage French film noir. 

No one can explain the plot of a vintage French film noir. 

Introducing The Most Advanced Training Simulator In The World

For those who don’t play soccer but have played FIFA, you know about all the little training exercises that clubs use to brush up on their skills. Well, Portuguese club Benfica have introduced a new state-of-the-art technological training room that blurs the lines between video games and reality. 

This Team Discovered The One Secret To Convert Every Penalty Kick

A penalty kick is one of the most stressful situations a soccer player can be in. There is immense pressure to convert because the odds are stacked so thoroughly in the taker’s favor, and this pressure, unsurprisingly, leads to more than its fair share of misses. 

But what if it was possible to guarantee a conversion every time a player steps up to the spot? Where would the pressure be then?

Case in point: Jeonbuk Motors of South Korea’s K-League          

Christian Eriksen Destroys Spurs Teammates In Crossbar Challenge

It’s a game that is dear to every soccer player: the crossbar challenge. If you've ever played the world's game, then you probably participated in some form of the crossbar challenge. In fact, you can go on YouTube and watch hundreds of videos of players showing off their crossbar challenge skills.

The One Exercise Program Reducing ACL Injuries By 90 Percent In Women.

A lot of amazing athletes have torn their ACLs. Derrick Rose, Adrian Peterson and Tom Brady just to name a few. It’s probably the biggest fear for any athlete who relies on their legs, as the recovery can take up to 10 months – and that doesn’t even include the psychological aspect of the injury.

Bayern Munich Uses This Crazy Drill To Improve Finesse And Accuracy

Dubbed “‘Bucket Ball” (at least, by the Bayern YouTube account), this training drill is as wild and wacky a way to hone a player’s skills as The18 has ever seen. 

The level of technical quality needed to successfully complete a circuit of this drill is matched only by the childish inspiration that it took to create it.  Pep Guardiola is no stranger to finding new and creative ways to manage his team, but this might take the top spot in the ever growing list of “Reasons We Want To Work With Pep Guardiola."