Revealed: The 5 Goalkeepers Dominating Europe's Top Leagues This Season

Scrutinizing the goalkeeper position, more so than any other, requires us to expand the metric of analysis to incorporate the one asset that’s valued above all others in a shot-stopper: consistency. That’s why, although a plethora of recent statistics might tell us otherwise, many would still pony for Gianluigi Buffon over, say, Marc-Andre ter Stegen as the world’s finest keeper. One’s been at the top of his craft for over 20 years, the other for just a few.

Why Loris Karius Should Be People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive Instead Of Blake Shelton

Surely you have seen the news by now. Everyone who's anyone has seen the news: Blake Shelton has been named "Sexiest Man Alive" by People Magazine. Many people have rightly noted that Shelton is and was a stupid choice, and I am here to offer up an alternative: Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius.

Cape Verde's Goalkeeper Tried To Do A Cruyff Turn, But Turned Himself Inside-Out Instead

Neither Burkina Faso nor Cape Verde Islands had a chance of qualifying for Russia 2018 after Senegal wrapped up their group earlier this international break, so their World Cup qualifier Tuesday was really more of a glorified friendly. That's a good thing for Cape Verde's goalkeeper, who produced a pretty interesting howler in first half extra time to give Burkina Faso their first of four goals.

USMNT Keeper Ethan Horvath Drops Hilarious Howler vs. Portugal

Oh sweet baby Jesus, won’t you please just make this 2017 USMNT horror show stop? Can’t we just be done with it until, say, 2019 or 2020?

At halftime in Portugal vs. U.S., it’s been a tale of two decidedly different things, although both have to do with players that pundits around the nation plugged into their “GUARANTEED 2022 World Cup Starting XI” article.

This Outrageous Goalkeeper Did A Double Zidane Roulette Inside His Own Box

It takes confidence to pull off a skill move if you're a goalkeeper. You have to know, deep in your heart, that you are good enough to execute it successfully, because if you do not, you are entering a world of pain. Even the simple Cruyff turn can end in disaster with the slightest of mis-touches.

And that, friends, is what makes this video so impressive. The Zidane roulette is not an easy move to attempt, even for an attacking player in the field. For a goalie to do it, much less do it twice, inside his own box, well that just warms my cold, black heart.

Brad Friedel’s Next Magic Trick Will Be Trying To Save New England

Brad Friedel made a career out of doing the improbable, from countless saves with Blackburn Rovers to the USMNT’s run to the 2002 World Cup quarterfinals. His latest task will be right up there with them: helping the New England Revolution win their first MLS Cup. 

Ref Sends Off Goalie During PKs, Field Player Makes Impressive Game-Winning Save

Qatar actually won some soccer and all it took was a field player making an impressive save in a penalty shootout. After the goalie was sent off with a second yellow card for coming off his line during the shootout, a field player came in and saved the retaken shot to lift Qatar’s U-19 team over Iraq.