Petr Cech’s Workout Makes Bop It Extreme Look Like Candy Land

Over the course of a 19-year professional career, Arsenal No. 1 Petr Cech has built a reputation on being one of the most consistent and mentally strong goalkeepers on the planet. His reflexes are world-class and his concentration is never lacking — he’s keyed in for the entire 90 minutes every matchday. What’s the secret to his success? Based on this video, it’s the world’s greatest hybrid version of Bop It/Simon Says/college drinking game.

Dumb Goalkeeping Lifts Manchester United Over Benfica

Benfica goalkeeper Mile Svilar will not be pleased with his performance Wednesday against Manchester United in the Champions League, as his mistake proved the defference between the two sides. The18-year-old caught a Marcus Rashford free kick and brought it with him across the goal line, which is not, you know, good.

Goalkeeper In Indonesia Dies After On-Field Collision

Indonesian goalkeeper Choirul Huda died from injuries suffered during a collision in a match on Sunday. 

Playing in Liga 1 in Indonesia, the Persela Lamongan goalie collided with a teammate going for a low ball in the box. He was immediately taken to a nearby hospital but pronounced dead shortly after arriving. 

Guillermo Ochoa Has Acquired A Vast New Legion Of Haters

Why is Guillermo Ochoa disliked so much? Is it his hairstyle? His success? Does he actually suck? While Guillermo Ochoa is considered a good keeper by most, it’s moments like Tuesday's own goal that get people infuriated and lead to questioning over whether he is the best option for Mexico.

Goalie Distribution Almost Directly Relates To English Premier League Success

Does your goalie like to pick out passes to nearby teammates and help the team play out of the back or does he like to hoof it up the park to get it as far away from him as possible? The answer may determine your spot in the English Premier League table. Goalie distribution is almost directly correlated to EPL success according to the chart below.

This graphic shows the percentage of passes from EPL goalies that are long balls and the top five teams are all among the top seven teams through seven games in the 2017-18 season.

This Goalkeeper Error Was So Funny Fans Ran Onto The Pitch And Danced

For goalkeepers, one way to tell if you've really screwed up is if fans of the opposing team storm the field, dancing, celebrating what a dunderhead you've turned yourself into. If, in the course of reveling in what a blunder you've made, opposing fans have to be shooed off the field in droves by riot police, you can safely say you've really bit the big one, so to speak.

This goalkeeper in Tanzania knows this feeling all too well.

Keeper Delivers Last-Gasp Assist After 12 Seconds Of Dribbling Tekkers

Michelin, a club in Belgium’s First Division, secured a point on Saturday after scoring in the 92nd minute to salvage a 2-2 draw with Royal Excel Mouscron. The goal was scored by defender Elias Cobbaut, but it was all down to the extended work of goalkeeper Colin Coosemans. 

The 25-year-old shot-stopper came up on a Michelin corner as his side went in search of an equalizer and found himself on the ball near the edge of the box. A clever step-over and turn almost skinned a defender alive, but Coosemans was unable to use his pace to get around his marker.