The Pittsburgh Steelers Just Proved Why You Shouldn't Try Rabonas In Other Sports

Rabonas in soccer are good and cool. Rabonas in other sports are also good and cool, but for a different reason, namely they normally result in embarrassment and memes for the attempted perpetrator of said rabona.

Rabonas in other sports are funny, basically.

The NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers found this out on Sunday when they made their poor kicker try a rabona onside kick against the Baltimore Ravens.

10 Times Players Absolutely Lost It While Dealing With Ball Boys

It’s supposed to be pretty straightforward — the ball goes out of play, your job is to return it to play as soon as possible. Your reward? A front-row ticket to watch your heroes up close and personal. You might even be credited with an assist for your actions.

Keep Looking At Cristiano Ronaldo, Please

Cristiano Ronaldo, as we've previously covered, is one of the most looked-at humans in the world. It is our contention, though, that he is not looked at enough. With that in mind, won't you please take a moment and look at Cristiano Ronaldo?

It'll only take a moment, we promise. Unless you want to look at Cristiano Ronaldo for longer than a moment, which is fine and even encouraged.