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VIDEO: Bayern Munich Just Destroyed Porto’s Hopes And Dreams In 1 Half

They said it couldn’t be done. They said that there was no way to beat the insurmountable odds that they faced. They said that about Leg 1 of Porto and Bayern Munich’s semifinal clash. Then, those words were aimed to make Porto wary of the German giants. Everyone laughed at the thought of Porto winning even a portion of a game. After 90 minutes and for goals to the tune of Porto 3, Bayern 1, no one was laughing.  

After such a shocking first leg, were we naive to think that the second would be no less shocking? There would have been nothing inherently surprising about Bayern Munich coming back and winning, or Porto advancing after hanging on for dear life while Bayern Munich made the blitzkrieg look like a game of patty cake.. But this? THIS?!? 

6-3 on aggregate after 45 minutes. It makes Porto’s first leg victory look like a baby that managed to steal candy from a ravenous mountain lion that hadn’t known how to react to a human being, but it knows now, and it’s come back for revenge. This is how you destroy a man’s emotional well being. This victory is of the very same magnitude of the Massacre at the Maracana, only this time it was just the hopes and dreams of a club that were being destroyed, not an entire nation. 

The goals. Good lord, the goals! It started off innocently enough with Thiago’s header.

And then Boating joined in on the fun. We felt for Porto. Their Champions League dream was circling the drain. But again, it wasn’t surprising that Bayern had came back. 

3-0, and the best goal so far. Things were taking a turn for the pitiful. 

4-0, a deflection and a complete howler by Porto’s keeper. Muller celebrating as he always does. Not like this. Not like this.

And finally, 5-0. There was no keeper error here. Just a cold blooded Lewandowski finish. 

Pour one out for Porto, tonight. They came at the king, and missed. 

We should mention that, yes, there was a second half, but it mattered about as much as the second half of Fernando Torres’ career.

…too soon?

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