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Zinedine Zidane Still Believes PSG Can Beat Barca

Today, Paris Saint-Germain will face Barcelona under the most unenviable of circumstances: down 3-1 heading into the Camp Nou. With the away goals rule, that means that the French giants will have to score at least three goals if they are to win or force extra time and penalties. A tough ask for any team heading into Barcelona’s raucous stadium. 

Shockingly enough, French legend and Real Madrid youth coach Zinedine Zidane still believes that PSG have a chance of knocking out Barcelona. 

"It'll be very difficult for PSG to score three goals at the Camp Nou, but they're a team that's capable of doing it…They have the players to do that, and they are also going to get certain players back. So, in a single game, anything is possible. It's certainly the most difficult challenge they face.” 

"But as everyone thinks they won't go through, it's at those times that players are capable of anything. I hope for them that they'll have the possibility to worry them."

Zidane went on to mention his UEFA Cup victory over the might AC Milan in 1996 with Bourdeaux.

"I remember when we played against the great AC Milan with Bordeaux," he said. "We lost the first leg 2-0, and we won 3-0 at home. It was the great era of Milan with [Franco] Baresi, [Paolo] Maldini et al. We weren't very much at all, and in the end... It's not the exactly the same because there are already established players in Paris, but anything is possible over one game."

PSG faces Barcelona in the second leg of their Champions League tie today at 2:45 EST.

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