David Luiz Does Not Care For The Placement Of Ref's Vanishing Spray. So He Moves It.

PSG were awarded a foul, and David Luiz wiped the vanishing spray off the turf so Zlatan could move the ball.

Mario Balotelli Wins Game Of The Season, Acts Like It’s Nothing

While everyone was ready to celebrate the next conquest on the Harry Kane Crusade of World Domination, Mario crashed the party and scored the winning goal in one of the most exciting games of the season.

15 Hilarious, Shocking And Perfectly-Timed Soccer Photos

Who would have known that such crazy things happened on the pitch? These photographers, that’s who. And we found the best of all the crazy images they managed to capture.

Watch This Guy Miss His Tackle And Somehow Still Injure A Player Anyways

Livingston's Jason Talbot channeled his inner Shaun Michaels with a head-high boot to the face that left Hearts' Sam Nicholson needing stitches.

Jack Wilshere Smokes When He Wants, Get Over It

Of all the controversies in sports, Wilshere getting caught smoking cigarettes may be the most well handled. Jack Wilshere, he smokes’em if he’s got’em.

After A Dooming Loss, These Players Did Something Totally Amazing

Borussia Dortmund lost to Augsburg today, and in the aftermath Roman Weidenfeller and Matts Hummels approached their distraught fans and tried to console them.

You Have Seen Fans Prank Clubs Before. But Not Like This.

Supporters of the Polish club Zawisza Bydgoszcz broke into the team's stadium and left something that is, frankly, a little terrifying for every player.

Fiance Sticks Up For Player Victimized By Greedy Club

Chloe Sanderson is not your stereotypical sexy WAG. She knows her stuff, and was not afraid to tell it how it is to Newcastle United.

It Shouldn’t Get Worse Than One Player Punching Another. It Did For South Korea.

3 punches to the face. 2 red cards. 1 flying kick to the chest. Uzbekistan may have actually killed a player for crying’ out loud.