This Coach Is More Outrageous Than Mourinho Himself

Arrogant, successful, and stubborn, Jose Mourinho’s massive ego has caused him to say some outrageous things, but Rolland Courbis’ might just be bigger. We have the outrageous quote to prove it.

Watch The Most Brutal Version Of Soccer On The Planet

Go home, Florence, you’re drunk.

That is what first crossed our minds when we heard that this 27-on-27-boxing-match-with-a-ball (Calcio Storico) you are about to see was actually an early predecessor of Italian Soccer. Who in their right minds would believe this sport - so brutal that players with broken ribs often finish matches - could possibly be related to soccer?

Brawl Between Russian Hooligans Is Friendly

Some weird stuff goes down in Russia. And this latest news is no exception.

Russian super fans of Spartak Moscow and Dynamo Moscow partake in a tradition unlike any other - and no we’re not talking about a Russian Masters. The two groups of fans meet before their teams play and fight for three minutes. The location is set on a completely abandoned snowy road.