A League One Match Was Delayed Because Fans Kept Throwing Plastic Pigs On The Field

We were more excited by the following Tweet than we have been for anything in a long time.

Did Messi Puke On The Bench This Weekend?

Unpopular opinion alert: I do not think Messi vomited in this video.

He looked like he heaved a little bit, and he definitely spit a couple times, but I do not believe those actions were related. He could have even been stifling a yawn. He perhaps triggered his gag reflex, but if so it did not lead to any vomit coming out of his mouth. 

Also, if he was vomiting, we admire the way he kept his focus on the game, because, in our experience, when one is vomiting it is very difficult to focus on anything besides the act of vomiting.

This Keeper Saved A Shot Outside The Box And No One Noticed

Seriously, how did no one notice he was outside the box? We understand if the defenders and/or keeper noticed and just pretended everything was cool to try and fool people, but the ref, assistant ref, guy who shot the ball and his teammates should have maybe been paying attention and said something.

Oh well.

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Spanish Third Division Side’s Reaction To Drawing Real Madrid In The Copa Del Rey Is Everything

Having pulled off one of the bigger upsets in the 2016 Copa del Rey Third Round by defeating second division side Albacete 2-1, Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa have now drawn Spanish giants Real Madrid in the round of 32.

Cultural Leonesa plays in the Segunda Division B, the third tier of Spanish football. Based in Leon in the north of Spain, the club has only experienced life in La Liga on one occasion since the club's inception in 1929, that being the 1955-56 season.