He Takes It Around The Keeper And D’OH

The Lithuanian I Lyga threw up this shocker yesterday, Kaunas’ Karolis Gvildys taking the ball beyond the opposition goalkeeper and presenting himself with an open net. 

He’s just gotta tap it in. Just tap it in. Give it a little tappy. Tap tap taparoo.

The technique he employs shows he’s thinking much the same thing. A little side-footer, Gvildys is just going to pass this one in. But he’s not.

The ball unfortunately clanks off the far post, leaving Gvildys one giant walking personification of shame.

Kaunas would lose the match 1-0. D’oh. 

Paul Pogba Talks About Dabbing, Zlatan Impersonations And His Love Of Life With Thierry Henry

In a rambling interview that managed to steer clear of the cliche while touching on everything from Paul Pogba’s relationship with Alex Ferguson to brilliant impersonations of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Patrice Evra, Thierry Henry and Pogba shared a throughly enjoyable interview on Sky Sports.

Some of the highlights of the eight-minute clip include Pogba revealing that he’ll debut a new celebration this season (“New team, new things.”) and that he had a Thierry Henry poster in his room growing up. 

Aston Villa Are Back And Scoring On Themselves At Will

For Aston Villa, keeping the ball out of their own net has become akin to keeping an ice cube frozen in Hell. They were relegated from the Premier League after giving up an astonishing 76 goals last year, and they’ve now somehow managed to ship three goals to League Two side Luton.

The pick of the bunch was certainly Luton’s third — a calamitous own goal scored by Villa's Jores Okore. Under absolutely no pressure whatsoever, the Denmark center back somehow managed to cooly tuck away an opponent’s cross into his own net.

Christian Fuchs and Riyad Mahrez Star In Baywatch Spoof Video

We love those crazy Leicester City lads. When they're not sticking it to the established order of the Premier League hierarchy, they're usually getting into a bunch of crazy shenanigans. Hence, we bring to you their new Baywatch-themed kit spot. 

Once again, it is the spotlight-smitten Christian Fuchs who is taking the lead in Leicester's new video, essentially doing his best to be David Hasselhoff as he sets out to rescue the "helpless" Riyad Mahrez and Demarai Grey (apparently he did give some "Fuchs" on that day, #SomeFuchsGiven).