Talk Show Host James Corden Recruited As Arsenal Head Coach

You may know James Corden from his Late Late Show on NBC or his famous episodes of carpool karaoke. Recently, the popular talk show host took a break from hanging out with celebrities and took on a new role. Arsenal was lucky enough to gain him as their new head coach. 

The team begins their day on the bus where Corden leads the group in singing some pump up songs. Corden’s strategy is to get the players out of their comfort zone, which he does by getting them to chant songs about winning. 

This Soccer Dog Is Such A Good Dog That He Saved A Goal

Here's what happened: in Chile, this dog was just standing there watching soccer and being a good dog. The ball rolled near the goal and looked like it was going to go in, so the good soccer dog leaped into action and prevented the goal.

Is this good dog a hero? It's hard to say, because what's a hero? Is being a good dog who looks out for goalkeepers in need also being a hero?

We say no, this good dog isn't a hero (at least not for this action; it's our contention that all dogs are heroes). He's just doing his job. Good dog.